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Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers in all areas related to latent variable analysis, independent component analysis and signal separation, including but not limited to:

-Theory: statistical and probabilistic models; detection, estimation and performance criteria and bounds; causality measures; flat, hierarchical and dynamic structures; sparsity-promoting methods; learning theory; sparse coding; optimization tools;

-Models: latent variables modeling as parameters, vectors or signals, discrete or continuous; probabilistic or structural modeling; time-varying, memoryless, convolutive, noisy, noiseless, under- and over-complete;

-Algorithms: estimation, separation, identification, detection, blind and semi-blind methods, non-negative matrix factorization, tensor decomposition, adaptive and recursive estimation; features selection; time-frequency and wavelets based analysis; complexity analysis;

-Applications: speech and audio separation, recognition, dereverberation and denoising; auditory scene analysis; image segmentation, separation, fusion, classification, texture analysis; biomedical signal analysis, imaging, genomic data analysis, brain-computer interface;

-Emerging related topics: social networks; data-mining; artificial intelligence; sparse coding; objective and subjective performance evaluation.


Paper must be original and must not be already published nor under review elsewhere. 



A word about the hosting labs and GreenEr
The conference will be organized by GIPSA-Lab (Grenoble Image Parole Signal et Automatique), with the help of LSIS-Toulon (Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et des Systèmes).
GIPSA-Labs counts more than 300 researchers (PhD student, Post docs and University or CNRS staff members); it is one of the largest laboratory involved in Signal Processing in France. More information here.

The conference will be held in the new Building of GreEn-ER ( Grenoble Energie-Enseignement Recherche). A brief presentation of this new site may be found here.


Springer Proceedings

Springer Proceedings are available for download here [Free access during 4 weeks]